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About us

During 1993 sanctions (against South Africa by the Indian Government) had just been lifted and goods manufactured in India was then allowed to be imported into South Africa.

There was no competition in the South African fireworks marketplace for quality and prices, due to the monopoly in the industry. It was then that India Fireworks was established.

Fireworks are manufactured by hand in India, under the most stringent explosive regulations by qualified Pyrotechnicians, thereby ensuring that the product is safe and the function of the item to be spectacular.

We have 8 qualified Pyrotechnicians, who are licenced by The South African Explosive Division and have undertaken major fireworks displays around South Africa.

The new technology now used by India Fireworks for igniting fireworks is by using remote firing panels synchronized to music.

We have the latest equipment available to undertake any size of fireworks display . The latest remote firing panels and motars fitted on specialized trailers ensure that setting up a fireworks display is done without fuss of digging and covering the motars with soil as we did a few years ago.

We have 2500 mortars ranging from 8cm to 50cm available. All our vehicles transporting the fireworks have permits and are designed to carry Explosives.

The fireworks shells used by India Fireworks are manufactured in India and are of very high quality.

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